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Chord Kunci Gitar Bitterlove - Ardhito Pramono: Sometimes, The Bitter of Love Can be So Good

Berikut lirik dan chord kunci gitar lagu "Bitterlove" yang diciptakan dan dinyanyikan oleh musisi Ardhito Pramono.

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Musisi Ardhito Pramono. 

TRIBUNTERNATE.COM - "Bitterlove" merupakan lagu dari musisi Ardhito Pramono yang dirilis pada tahun 2017.

Lagu ini tergabung dalam album Extended Play (EP) Ardhito Pramono yang bertajuk a letter to my 17 year old.

Berikut lirik dan chord kunci gitar Bitterlove - Ardhito Pramono:

Verse II:

         C              Cmaj7
There is bitter in everyday
But then I feel it
That you would be the only one
    Fm                       Em7           A7
Sometimes it doesn't have to be so sure
    F                               G7
The sweetest love can be so hard to find

         C               Cmaj7
We'll be better in every way
           C7                F
But then I would go to be in other space
    Fm                            Em7          A7
Sometimes, the bitter of love can be so good
     F             G7               C
It's like a coffee with a rainbow's mood


    Bb                 C7                Fmaj7
Sometimes you feel off but sometimes you feeling right
   Fm           Bb           Cmaj7
Is it to be, or it is not to be
   Dm            G7       Em7            A7
To fall in love again, to be the one for me
    F                               G7
Sometimes you fall, but there'll be time we'd be together

Verse II:

         C            Cmaj7
We'll be mad in every way
         C7                              F
Then I remember, the store we went last september
    Fm                            Em7          A7
Sometimes, recalling things would be so good
     F                  G7                C
It's like perfect cake, that my grandma's made

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